Products:  Pick Up and Delivery Wash & Fold Service, Drop off wash and fold service, Pick Up and Delivery Dry Cleaning Service, Pick Up and Delivery Commercial Laundry Services

Services: Wash and Fold Laundry Services. College Student Laundry Plans.

Industries Supported: Spa’s, Barbershops, Beauty Salons, Chiropractic Offices, Restaurants, Bars, Gyms, Coffee Shops, Hotels, Motels, Sleep Centers, Yoga & Fitness Centers, Vacation Rentals, Bed and Breakfast, Residential, Apartments, Condominiums

Year established 2008

Business Description

The Fold Laundry Service is proud to provide Savannah, Georgia and surrounding areas with the most convenient Wash & Fold and Dry Cleaning delivery services possible! We offer great pricing for family laundry, individual, students and even as needed basis laundry services!